Google Search

Here are guidelines on how to use screenshots of the Google homepage and results pages in your project.

General guidelines

All uses of Google Search must first comply with our trademark rules, as well as the following guidelines.

done Be positive

Only show Google Search being used in positive or neutral ways.

close Don’t use Search for illegal activities

Don’t show Google Search in conjunction with negative, violent, illegal, or controversial activities or search terms.

done Be natural

Only show Google Search in realistic ways, being used exactly as it actually looks and functions.

close Don’t modify the interface

Don’t alter the way the interface looks, and don’t manufacture, remove, or alter auto-suggest terms or search results.

done Keep our relationship clear

Only show Google Search as a supplemental element in your project.

close Don’t imply an endorsement

Don’t use Google Search in any way that implies endorsement, affiliation, or partnership with Google where such a relationship doesn’t exist, and don’t make it the main focus of your material.

Third-party content
  • You’re responsible for getting third-party approvals from relevant content owners for any content you show from Google screenshots, such as from image results pages.
  • You must have appropriate third-party approval from relevant content owners if you show any content in promotional material.

Google doesn’t negotiate permissions on behalf of users or content owners. You must contact the image or video owner directly to secure appropriate permissions.

We ask that you put the following tagline beneath any image featuring Google Search:

Google and the Google logo are trademarks of Google LLC.


All uses of Google Search in advertisements must be approved by Google.

If you have a contact at Google, have them request approval on your behalf through our brand team. If you don’t have a Google contact, you may submit a request through our request form.

Once you have permission to feature Google Search in your video commercial, it should only be shown in a brief, realistic way that assists the narrative – not to directly advertise your product or business. Refer to our entertainment and media guidelines, as well as the additional guidelines below.

done Be natural and incidental

Only show Google Search being used in an incidental, natural way, such as someone in a car commercial using Google Search to look up information on how to fix their old car, before deciding to buy a new one.

close Don’t search for your brand

Don’t show Google Search being used to look up information directly related to your brand, product, features, or slogan, such as a car commercial showing Google Search being used to look up the price of the car, or how fast it is.

done Make it contextual

Only show Google Search being used briefly, within the broader context of the commercial.

close Don’t make it the main focus

Don’t make Google Search the primary focus of your commercial or begin your commercial with a Google Search. Doing so may imply association or endorsement from Google.

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