We often collaborate with partners across a wide range of our products and programs to help bring the magic of Google to more people. Here are the guidelines to follow when you partner with us.

Signaling a partnership

Partner Programs

Are you a partner?

If you have an existing partnership relationship with Google for one of the following areas, consult the relevant guidelines. (If you don’t see your partnership type listed here, ask your Google contact to help find the guidelines for the badges or logos you should use.)

If you don’t have an existing partnership relationship with Google, find out how to get started with the links below.

Google Cloud partners

The Partner Advantage program is for our Cloud partners. Badges are given to official Google Cloud Partners only and are used across individual certifications, partner specializations, and everything in between.

More about Google Cloud Partners

For existing partners

Partner Marketing Hub

The Partner Marketing Hub is home to exclusive co-marketing resources and opportunities for Google’s business partners across many of our platforms, services, and hardware products like Google Assistant, Google Play, Android, Chromebook, Nest, and many more. You must be an existing OEM, retailer, or developer partner to use our brand elements.

More about the Partner Marketing Hub

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Other partners

If you have a longstanding partnership with Google in a way not covered above and would like to use our logo or other brand elements, ask your Google contact to reach out to our brand team on your behalf.


Here are the guidelines for individuals and companies who do limited work with Google but aren’t part of a formal partner program.

We don’t allow our logo to be used by individuals or companies who do business with Google on a limited basis but are not formal partners, as this may imply an endorsement from or affiliation with Google.

Examples of such non-partner relationships include, but are not limited to:

  • When your company did short-term work for Google
  • When a team at Google uses your product or service
  • When you were a guest speaker for a Google team
  • When your company was highlighted or featured by Google
  • When you’re a college or bootcamp whose graduates now work at Google

You may be allowed to reference Google in plain text without using our logo, as long as such reference is accurate. Reach out to your Google contact for more information.

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