Brand element guidelines

If you’ve received permission to use our logo, product icons, or other trademarks, follow these guidelines.

The Google logo can only be used if you have an existing partnership or sponsorship and you’ve reached out to your Google contact to secure formal approval from the Google brand team.

The logo must never be used in a way that implies an endorsement or affiliation with Google where such a relationship does not exist, such as being featured on the cover of a book or in a TV commercial.

done Use the appropriate color

We’ll usually ask you to use the full-color version of our logo on a white background. The grey or white versions are also acceptable when there are constraints.

Don’t modify or distort the logo, change any colors, or add additional elements.

done Adhere to proper clear space

The amount of clear space around our logo should be equal to or greater than the height of the “G” in Google.

close Don’t overcrowd things

Don’t crowd the logo with images, text, or other graphics that compromise its impact.

done Keep a clear hierarchy

Use the Google logo as a supporting element, in a context that clearly describes the role of Google.

close Don’t overstate Google’s role

Don’t use the logo as the most prominent element or in a way that implies affiliation or endorsement.

Google or product names

You may use the Google name or one of our product names in plain text to indicate that your product or service integrates with, is designed for, or relates to a Google product or service.

However, all references must be honest and accurate, and you can’t incorporate these names into your own name or imply an endorsement by Google. Read our full trademark rules and terms for more information.

For information about how to use the Google name and other brand elements in your book or other publication, read our guidance for Books, Articles, and Other Content.

done Make your relationship clear

You can use a Google product name to show how your product or service is related to our product.

close Don’t use our names in yours

Don’t try to incorporate our product name into your product or company name, such as Gmail Inbox Sweeeep™ or Google Ads AdProGuys™.

done Use language that clarifies

Use “for” to show that your product works with a Google product but is not affiliated with Google.

close Don’t confuse things

Don’t name a social media account, podcast, or other communications in a way that could be confused with a Google account. For example, use “News about Google” instead of “Google News.”

Product icons

In most cases, you’re welcome to use our icons in your materials, but make sure to keep the relationship between our products truthful and clear.

You may use small depictions of our Google product icons for educational or informational purposes to indicate that your product or service integrates with, is designed for, or is related to a Google product or service – but you can’t imply affiliation with or endorsement from Google.

Additional approval may be required

Some Google products, like Android, Google Nest, and Google Assistant, may have specific guidelines or restrictions and require additional approval, depending on your use. Device manufacturers (phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, speakers, etc.), retailers, and other co-marketing partners should visit the Partner Marketing Hub for more information.

done Maintain a hierarchy

Use our product icon as a smaller, supporting element by creating distance between our product icon and your brand elements.

close Don’t highlight our icon

Don’t use our product icon as the primary element or in a way that’s equal to your brand elements, and don’t lock up our product icon with your own logo/icon.

done Keep the relationship clear

Make the relationship between your product and our product clear. For example, “Works with…” or “Services we offer….”)

close Don’t overstate our relationship

Don’t use our icon without proper context that makes our relationship clear.

done Be distinct from Google

Make your icon or logo look like your own.

close Don’t copy our visual style

Don’t mimic, copy, modify, or incorporate our icons or logos into your own.

Google brand colors

You may not use the Google brand colors in your own materials, outside of approved Google logos, icons, or badges.

close Don’t use our brand colors in your logo or icon

Don’t incorporate the distinctive Google color combination or pattern into your own logo or icon.

close Don’t use our brand colors as decoration

Don’t use the Google brand colors as decoration on your website, flyer, etc. or to signal a relationship or affiliation with Google.

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