User reviews

With your Business Profile on Google, users can leave ratings and reviews of your business. Here are the guidelines you should follow when directing people to your business or referencing user reviews in your marketing materials.

An approved sticker to encourage user reviews

Our Google G icon is available for download here, which you may use to reference or link to your Business Profile on Google when asking customers to review your business or highlighting the latest praise – provided that you don’t alter it and you follow these guidelines.

Link directly to your Business Profile on Google when using the icon online.

done Leave ample clear space

Make sure the G icon has enough space around it so that it remains easy to see.

done Use consistent sizing

If you’re using our icon in a lineup of other social media icons, make all the icons the same size. Where possible, we prefer that our logo be placed first.

close Don’t imply endorsement

Don’t use the icon for any purpose other than promoting your Business Profile on Google, and especially not in a way that implies you’re endorsed by or affiliated with Google, or that you’re an official Google product. Don’t promote businesses that do not comply with our terms and conditions.

close Don’t modify artwork

Don’t distort, stretch, remove, or alter any part of the artwork in any way, including changing proportions, shape, color, and angle or adding effects like drop shadows.


When talking about your business’s rating, follow these guidelines.

done Follow these guidelines

Describe your rating as being “on Google.” Include an “as of” date, whether you’re talking about your overall rating or your total number of reviews. Only reference Google in plain text or use the official materials provided on this page.

close Don’t imply the ratings come from us instead of users

Don’t use terms like “Google-rated” or “Google rating” that may imply the rating comes from Google rather than from users.

close Don’t invent logos

Don’t use our logo or any unofficial logos, badges, or lockups. “Google Reviews” is not the name of a Google product or service, and there is no logo for it.


User reviews belong to the person who wrote them, even if they’re written on your business’s listing.

You must obtain consent from the reviewer if you want to use customer reviews of your business for your own marketing purposes, such as on your website or in print or digital ads. You can reply to customer reviews to ask if you can use them in your marketing materials. Google cannot provide you with additional contact information.

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