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permission requests

Find out which Google brand elements you can use – and whether you need to ask for permission.

Don’t do this.

You’re not allowed to use our brand elements in the following ways, so please don’t submit a request asking for permission to do any of these things.

close Don’t imply endorsement.

Don’t use the Google logo or any of our brand elements in any way that implies affiliation, endorsement, or sponsorship where such a relationship does not exist.

close Don’t put our name in your name.

Don’t use, incorporate, or combine any of our trademarks (names or logos) into your brand name, product name, business name, trade name, website domain, or slogan.

close Don’t imitate our logo or visual identity.

Don’t imitate Google’s logo or visual identity (distinctive color combinations, graphic designs, product icons, or imagery associated with Google).

close Don’t use our brand elements on merchandise.

Don’t use any Google brand elements on merchandise such as shirts, mugs, posters, etc.

close Don’t use our brand elements in contests.

Don’t use images of our hardware products, or associated logos, in association with giveaways, contests, sweepstakes, etc.

close Don’t use Google Doodles.

Don’t use Google Doodles in any way, such as in books, TV shows, etc.

close Don’t use Google Earth for promotional purposes.

Don’t use Google Earth for advertising or promotional purposes (such as a real estate developer using Google Earth to show where their properties are located).

Ask first.

You may be able to use our brand elements for the following uses, but you’ll need to submit a request first.

error_outline Sponsorships and partnerships

If you have an existing sponsorship deal or business relationship with Google, reach out to your Google contact to submit your request internally for review.

error_outline Product icons

Refer to our icon usage guidelines to see whether you can use certain product icons in association with your business.

error_outline Entertainment

Learn more about when you need to submit entertainment requests for broadcast TV, theatrical release, or streaming services.

Go for it.

As long as you follow the guidelines and our general trademark rules, you can do the following things with our brand elements without needing to submit a request.

done Use Google in plain text.

You can refer to Google or our products in an informational context in plain text in books, articles, websites, etc., as long as you follow our Trademark Rules. Refer to our Trademark List for the proper spelling.

You can link to Google pages, content, videos, maps, etc. using hyperlinks, built-in embed tools, or QR codes.

done Use Geo content (usually).

You can use Google Maps, Google Earth, and Street View, as long as such use is in accordance with our Geo Guidelines.

done Use our names, visuals, logos, or icons in teaching materials.

You can use unaltered static screenshots or video captures of our products, the Google logo, or specific product icons for educational purposes in textbooks or other standard teaching materials.

done Quote publicly available writings.

You can quote, cite, or reference any publicly available Google written materials, such as Think with Google content, Google Blog posts, Google Trends data, company reports, whitepapers, etc.

done Use approved badges.

If you’ve already qualified for the use of a badge, such as for Google Partners or Certified Educators, you don’t need additional approval (except for some Google Play uses).

done Use content for school projects.

You can use any Google brand elements solely for school projects.

Looking for something else?

If you have requests or questions we can’t help with, such as the topics covered below, please consult the guidance across other Google sites or reach out to your Google contact.

info_outline Google trademarks in your Google Ads text

Reach out to your partner contact to assist you with using Google trademarks in Google Ads text, or review our trademarks in advertising policies.

info_outline Specific product or API questions

Refer to our Terms of Service to determine whether your specific use of a product or API is allowed.

info_outline Third-party content on Google products

We can’t help you license third-party photos from Google Images or Google Maps, or other user-submitted content on Google services, such as YouTube.

info_outline Non-public data

We can’t help with use of data or information from Google services or projects, such as historical Google Maps satellite or Street View data, beyond what is publicly available.

info_outline Recovering your Gmail or Google Account

Refer to this support page if you need to recover your Gmail or Google Account.

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