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Feeling secure

Five tips from the initiative Deutschland sicher im Netz (DsiN) on how businesses can improve online security

1. Understand the security issues

Get an overview of the potential risks your company faces by taking our straightforward getting-started tests, which provide initial recommendations. It’s very easy to do. Simply answer the questions in the DsiN security check on: dsin-sicherheitscheck.de

2. Get IT service providers on board

To ensure additional security in your business processes and collaboration with partners, bring qualified IT service providers on board. In cooperation with the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), we’ve produced guidelines to help you select the right provider for your business: ihk.de/it-sicherheits-kriterien

3. Raise staff awareness

Inform your staff about the basics of safe browsing. Make sure that IT security forms a part of the training you give to all staff, including new trainees. For more information on programs like “Bottom-Up: Berufsschüler für IT-Sicherheit” for vocational students, visit: dsin-berufsschulen.de

4. Stay up-to-date

Make sure your business uses good digital protection services that are available free of charge. The DsiN Security Barometer sends up-to-date security news directly to your staff’s smartphones and gives tips on safe online behavior. Learn more at sicher-im-netz.de/siba

5. Take precautions

Your company should always use the latest software versions as well as a reliable firewall and anti-virus solution. It should also allow encrypted communications. We explain how to set this up in our “IT-Sicherheit@Mittelstand” workshop, which we run in collaboration with the DIHK: it-sicherheit-mittelstand.org

For more information about »Deutschland sicher im Netz«, visit:


Illustration: Robert Samuel Hanson; Photo: DsiN/Thomas Rafalzyk

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