This past year, we identified our most effective efforts, then doubled down.

Equipped with data from across our geographies, we worked alongside partners – within and outside Google – to refine and strengthen our most impactful efforts. We overhauled systems to increase manager accountability, evolved our products to work better for more people, and expanded programs to unlock new economic opportunities for underrepresented communities around the world. And most importantly, we took steps to further embed these efforts into Google’s fabric, operationally and culturally.

The past year brought global challenges that tested us. But our focus didn’t waver, it sharpened. We stood firm on our Racial Equity Commitments and continued driving work that championed belonging, in all its forms, across the company.

We think of our efforts across three broad categories: Workplace, Products, and Society. These are the places where we work to cultivate belonging, and where our actions take root. This report details those actions, while also highlighting where we must continue to grow. Because in the ten years we’ve been sharing our progress, we’ve come to understand this: Building for all builds us all.

As we work toward a future centered on equity and respect – a future where everyone can belong – we still have much to learn and much to do. Ensuring this vision becomes reality is what drives us forward.

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Embedding belonging in all we do.

In 2022, we deepened DEI and belonging across the places we worked, the products we built, and the communities we served.


Taking a targeted approach to equity.

Informed by rigorous analysis, we built our most representative workforce yet.


Ensuring inclusion is built in.

We continued to build tools and processes that centered inclusion in our products, leading to more respectful, helpful, and enjoyable experiences for our users and communities.


Building new systems to expand opportunity.

We strengthened our investments and partnerships to further educational, economic, and health equity.


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We’re upholding our commitments and deepening our impact around the world.