Year in Search 2022 Film Data Methodology

Google Trends gives us a unique look at what the world is searching for and what it seeks to better understand. Year in Search reveals some of the top questions, moments, and individuals the world searched for throughout the year. These searches reflect specific moments in time and illuminate our shared experiences, helping us to understand the societal issues and cultural events that mattered most around the globe.

Here’s a closer look at the data methodology behind the Year in Search.

The Year in Search film is rooted in Google Trends data and features 1) a foundational insight and 2) a series of queries:

  1. The foundational insight for the film is: In 2022, the world searched for “can i change” more than ever before.
    1. This insight was validated worldwide for 2022 on November 15th, 2022 in English. Insights that are validated “worldwide” do not include the following countries: China, Iran, and North Korea.
    2. Using Google Trends internal tools, the hero insight, “can i change”, is validated as an all-time high in 2022 worldwide.
  2. Each of the queries featured in the film were validated worldwide in the English language as having had more search interest in 2022 than the year prior. Additionally, each query was required to meet a minimum threshold of search interest in 2022 to qualify for the film.

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