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How Google Maps helped plan the largest motorcycle relay in history
4-minute read
When dementia takes memories away, a bicycle helps bring them back
2-minute read
How one woman is using Google Maps to transform the trucking industry
2-minute read
How one woman saves lives with motorbikes, blood banks, and Google Maps
5-minute read
How five women in DR Congo are creating opportunity with Search
8-minute read
A self-taught Native American coder brings her community with her
6-minute read
How a community of women from 190 countries crossed language barriers
1-minute read
How six young women are using technology to tackle unsafe drinking water
11-minute read
Black Girl Magic: A Moment in Search
Video (1:00)
How one woman is using machine learning to help NASA track asteroids
1-minute read
An agoraphobic artist uses Google Street View to photograph the world
3-minute read
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