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Features to help people identify and support inclusive spaces on Google Maps and Search

A group of seven people wearing colorful outfits stand outside in front of a red wall with white illustrations

Features to help people identify and support inclusive spaces on Google Maps and Search

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A man speaks into his phone and smiles

An Android tool that enables people with communication difficulties to connect in real time

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Emoji illustrations of a woman figure typing at a laptop, Black woman holding grain, and woman wearing goggles and holding a test tube

An evolving emoji library to better reflect the world

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An image of six Google product logos

Accessible technology built with you in mind

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Ten circles in a row, ranging from dark to light

Improving skin tone representation in products with the Monk Skin Tone scale

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A smartphone displaying a list of photo control options

Photo controls designed to respect the experiences of transgender people

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UI of Qibla app, with the text “You’re facing the Qibla, Kaaba is 13,173 kilometers in this direction”

An AR tool helping the Muslim community worldwide find the Qibla

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Annie Jean-Baptiste (she/her) Head of Product Inclusion & Equity, Google

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How image experts helped us build our most equitable camera

A range of expert image-makers helped our teams create our Real Tone™ camera technology to ensure all people, particularly people with darker skin tones, feel accurately and beautifully seen in photos.

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How we worked with the disability community to improve our speech recognition technology

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How our employee resource groups brought an inclusive lens to a core product

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Dimitri Kanevsky (he/him) Research Scientist, Google

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Guiding principles

To build for everyone, we must build with everyone. Here’s our approach:

1 Prioritize historically marginalized voices – from start to finish.

Product inclusion and equity can’t be condensed into a list of boxes to check. It involves evaluating the design against an understanding of users with unique needs, preferences, and challenges at various stages of the development process, and holding yourself and the product team accountable to appropriately address these needs. While all inflection points are important, being intentional about centering historically marginalized voices during ideation, UX research and design, user testing, and marketing is key to successful, inclusive outcomes.

2 Build for equity, not just minimum usability.

We define “usability” as being inclusive of equity, including systemic, historical bias that can inadvertently be built into our products. Through the phases of product development, we ask questions related to the product itself, representation in our processes, availability across all intersections, and accessibility for people with disabilities.

3 Hold ourselves accountable through inclusive testing and best practices.

While we continue our efforts to improve our internal representation, we recognize that Google has a long way to go to fully reflect all the users we serve. That’s why we are committed to holding ourselves accountable by investing in comprehensive testing, inclusive research and design, marketing best practices, and data frameworks.

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Florian Koenigsberger (he/him) Image Equity Lead, Google

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More ways we’re building belonging in our products:

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