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Supporting Latino-owned small businesses

Hispanic Heritage is found in generations of resilience, reinvention and hope. It’s found in local businesses and the friends, family and neighbors who support them. Hispanic Heritage is more than a month; it’s a community that keeps those who are close, as close as they’ve always been. In honor of the community’s resilience, here’s how we’re helping Latino-owned businesses adapt.

National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15 to October 15 to honor the contributions that Hispanic and Latino Americans have made to U.S. art, culture, and society.

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Grow with Google, step by step

Google is here to help with resources specifically for Latino-owned businesses, including free virtual workshops, digital coaching, online classes and step-by-step videos to help small businesses adapt, promote and grow.

Supporting the Latino Community

Latinos are key contributors to the small business ecosystems of the United States. Google.org is making a three million dollar grant to support Hispanics in Philanthropy's PowerUp Fund, which will provide Latino-owned small businesses across California, New York and Texas with access to capital and capacity building support to help them through economic uncertainty.