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How a Navy veteran is supporting out-of-work service industry workers

With help from Google

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Melissa Corrigan and her family
Melissa Corrigan is a Navy veteran and mother of four with a strong desire to serve her community, Hampton Roads, Virginia.
When COVID-19 spread to the United States, Melissa saw her husband, a bar manager, was forced to make tough staffing decisions.

After learning a neighboring town created a virtual tip jar, Melissa knew how she could help service industry workers.

Using Google Forms and Google Sheets, Melissa created a Virtual Tip Jar that connects people together.

Hairstylists, bartenders, retail workers – anyone in the service industry who is unemployed or had their hours cut due to COVID-19 can sign up.
“If you have and other people don’t have, you help them. I want to be part of a bigger movement of doing something.” – Melissa Corrigan
Thank you, Melissa and everyone donating to people in need!
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