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Committed to significantly improving the lives of as many people as possible.

2004 Founders’ IPO Letter
Building belonging
Working to expand what’s possible for everyone by building belonging in our workplace, products, and society.
Helping every Googler feel seen, connected, supported, and empowered to participate fully.
Learn about how we're building a more inclusive workplace
Working with and for communities to build technology that helps everyone reach their goals.
Learn more about co-creation in our products
Addressing barriers in society by focusing on education, economic opportunity, and media representation.
Learn more about how we're unlocking opportunity in society
2022 Diversity Annual Report
Last year was our best yet for hiring and retaining people from underrepresented communities. Read about the five key actions we took and what lies ahead in our journey forward.
View the report
Expanding opportunity
$2 billion in cash. 1.4 million volunteer hours. $7 billion in ad grants. Providing people with information, tools and services to help them build knowledge, fuel curiosity, and unlock opportunity.
Powering education through technology, tools and training.
Discover more about learning for school
Nurturing lifelong curiosity, from the epic quests to the everyday asks.
Discover more about learning for life
Helping people grow their skills, careers, and businesses.
Discover more about learning for work
U.S. Economic Impact Report
Last year, Google Search, Google Play, Google Cloud, YouTube, and Google advertising tools helped provide $617 billion of economic activity for millions of American businesses, nonprofits, publishers, creators, and developers.
Learn more
Contributing time, money, and volunteer hours to create a world that works for everyone.
Learn more about Google.org
Helping organizations publicize their mission, engage supporters, and fundraise online.
Learn more about Google for Nonprofits
Protecting users
Every day Google keeps billions of people safer online. We protect our users with industry-leading security, responsible data practices, and easy-to-use privacy controls.
Learn about all the ways that Google keeps your personal information private, safe, and secure.
Go to Safety Center
Easy-to-use privacy and security settings, all in one place—your Google Account.
Go to your account
Understand your tech usage, disconnect when needed, and create healthy habits.
Learn more about Digital Wellbeing
Developing AI practices that are responsible and sharing knowledge, research, and other resources with the world.
Learn more about Responsible AI
Transparency Report
Sharing data that sheds light on how the policies and actions of governments and corporations affect privacy, security, and access to information.
Learn more
Responding to crises
Helping those affected by crises through our products, our people, and our partners.
We partner with first responders on the front lines of global crises by providing grants, resources, and volunteers.
Learn more about Google.org Crisis Response
We provide critical information to users in moments of crisis through our products and technology.
Learn more about Crisis Response products
Advancing sustainability
We unify our practices, partnerships, and products around a single mission — to foster sustainability at scale. By organizing information about our planet, and making it actionable through technology, we help people make more positive impact together.
We build technology that helps people do more for the planet.
Learn more about Sustainability
Google's third decade of climate action — our most ambitious yet.
Learn about how we intend to operate carbon-free by 2030
2021 Environmental Report
We’re reducing the environmental impact of our operations and working to empower people everywhere to live more sustainably.
Learn more
2022 Supplier Responsibility Report
We work with more than 500 suppliers worldwide to ensure ethical and fair treatment for workers, safe and healthy workplaces, and a smaller environmental footprint.
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