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People across the UK are using Google tools — like Search, Maps, Gmail and YouTube — in their own unique ways to make their lives better every day.

Google opened its first office in the UK in 2003. Under the leadership of Managing Director Ronan Harris, the Google UK team builds tools that help people, businesses, and organisations achieve those small, everyday tasks and those big, life-changing goals. From getting updates on a football match on your mobile, to learning new skills to make a business idea or charity a reality, you can do more every day with a little help from Google.

Googlers in the UK

Over 4,000 people work at Google in the UK today. And while we are all very different, from different backgrounds, with different experiences and diverse talents, we all share the same mission and core values.

Busie N
Busie N
Measurement Solutions Consultant

With a passion for technology and finding solutions, Busie works with Engineering and Sales to ensure that businesses benefit from the full potential of Google every day. When not helping advertisers reach customers online using Google tools, Busie leads the UK’s Black Googler Network.

Fun Fact: Busie once stepped in last minute to support her peers by completing the Media Trust Triathlon, which is equivalent to an Olympic triathlon.

Pranali Yawalkar
Pranali Yawalkar
Software Engineer, Google My Business

Pranali is a Software Engineer working on the Google My Business team in London. Born and raised in India, Pranali takes great pride in seeing the tools she works on being used by so many large and small businesses all around the world. Pranali is also a proud mentor to younger female engineers and interns.

Fun Fact: Google used Pranali’s voice to help develop the Google Text-to-Speech translation for the Marathi language.

Oli Gaymond
Oli Gaymond
Android Machine Learning Product Manager

Oli is a Product Manager leading AI and Machine Learning for Android in London. From using advanced photo filters to being able to translate any language, Oli's team helps people benefit from more personalised and helpful mobile device experiences. Before his current role, Oli worked on products that helped people live healthier lives with Google Fit and brought Android Wear to China.

Fun Fact: Oli once built a cocktail recipe generator using machine learning.

Claire Lilley
Claire Lilley
Government Relations and Public Policy Manager

Claire is a specialist in public policy for children, consumers, and vulnerable users. She is part of a global team that works with governments, industry partners and non-profits to help inform Google’s strategy and direction. Claire is particularly passionate about ensuring all children are able to access the benefits of the internet safely.

Fun Fact: Claire cooked a different curry every week for a year with help from recipes on Google Home.

Rose La Prairie
Rose La Prairie
Digital Wellbeing Product Manager

As a Product Manager for Digital Wellbeing on Android, Rose leads a team that explores how people use devices and how we can make them as helpful and non-distracting as possible. Previous to this role, Rose worked on the Android Enterprise team, where she focused on improving productivity at work. She has always been interested in behavioural economics and psychology, as well as understanding how people create habits.

Fun Fact: Rose wore her husband’s jeans for two weeks to test how the new ‘flip to Shhh’ (Do Not Disturb) gesture worked in the front pockets of men’s jeans.

Google’s impact in the UK


businesses were helped with our products and programmes in 2020

+£55 billion

in economic value is supported by Google’s search and advertising tools in the UK each year

£17 billion

economic activity supported by Google when we helped businesses shift to online sales for the first time during 2020

Committed to significantly improving the lives of as many people as possible.

Our offices

Our offices are designed to inspire innovation, big ideas, and community.

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