Using AI to track ocean data and help predict extreme weather
with help from Google
The Impact Challenge (GIC) on Climate commits €10M to bold ideas and technology. Saildrone will use its €1.5M grant to collect data about the Gulf Stream.
'We created the GIC on climate to accelerate progress in the fight against climate change.'
Brigitte Gosselink, Director,
Saildrone uses autonomous technology to collect data from the ocean without requiring a ship. Atmospheric measurements and onboard pCO2 sensors help to predict extreme weather.
With GIC support, Saildrone will deploy six oceanography vehicles to the Gulf Stream to deliver real-time data for improving weather predictions and measuring carbon uptake.
Saildrone’s research will help scientists understand and predict extreme weather, so that communities can be more prepared and infrastructure can be strengthened.
We’re excited to support Saildrone and new AI innovations to better understand, protect and restore our oceans.
All images provided by Saildrone, Inc.
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