Google is focused on creating economic opportunity and strengthening cybersecurity for all Americans

Google is investing in America

We were founded in America over twenty years ago, and we’re dedicated to being good neighbors in the cities we call home.

$37+ billion

in investments in offices and data centers over the past five years


full-time US jobs created over the past five years


full-time employees throughout the US

26 states

with a Google data center or office

Helping America’s economy grow

Digital tools and training can help Americans find economic opportunity. Google is helping millions of US small businesses connect with their customers, and we’ve helped millions of job seekers learn digital skills to grow their careers.

The Sand Creek Post & Beam business profile on Google sits on top of a Google Map of Wayne, Nebraska.

78% of small business leaders reported that adopting digital tools over the pandemic created new opportunities for their businesses. Every day, customers are finding millions of small businesses on Google, and Grow with Google Digital Coaches are helping people learn digital skills they need to grow.

$617 billion

of economic activity

In 2021, Google Search, Google Play, Google Cloud, YouTube, and Google advertising tools helped provide $617 billion of economic activity for millions of American businesses, nonprofits, publishers, creators, and developers.

2.4 billion+

connections with customers

Every month in 2021, Google helped drive over 2.4 billion direct connections, including phone calls, requests for directions, messages, bookings, and reviews for American businesses.

$191 million

to support small business resilience

Google's commitment of $191M enabled Opportunity Finance Network to establish the Grow with Google Small Business Fund, OFN's Grant Program and OFN’s Tech Grant Program supported by Google.org. The funds allowed OFN to deliver low-interest loans and grants to over 60 Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), who in turn provided loans to more than 130,000 underrepresented businesses in the U.S.

$139 million+

raised by underrepresented startup founders

Over the past three years, Google for Startups has provided $20M in cash awards and support for promising entrepreneurs through its Black Founders Fund and Latino Founders Fund. These investments have created a halo effect by helping founders raise over $139M+ in venture capital. Additionally, Google for Startups introduced new programs such as VHLX, to help founders access capital to scale their businesses and to support organizations working to grow a robust community of Latino founders.

We’re working to strengthen the US economy for the long haul, growing our job training efforts to create pathways to in-demand jobs for Americans, with no degree required.

Woman sitting at a desk, working on her computer.

9 million

Americans trained in digital skills

Since launching Grow with Google in 2017, we’ve helped over 9 million Americans gain digital skills and nearly 170,000 Americans get a new job and increase their income. We’ve also provided grants to organizations like 4-H, Goodwill, and YearUp to help more students develop skills for today’s economy. Thanks to a network of more than 9,000 partner organizations, including local libraries, community colleges, schools, and nonprofits, Grow with Google resources are available to local communities across the U.S.

2 million+

jobs created with our platforms

YouTube’s creative ecosystem supported 394,000 full-time equivalent jobs in the U.S. in 2020. The Android app ecosystem, including Google Play, supported 2 million jobs in 2021 – from software engineers and mobile application developers, to marketing and human resources teams.


Americans trained in Google Cloud Certifications

Google Cloud Certification programs, rated the highest paying IT certification for the last two years, enable workers to advance their careers. To date, we’ve trained 500,000 Americans in our Cloud certifications.


Google Career Certificate graduates in the U.S.

The Google Career Certificates help prepare people for careers in high-growth fields like data analytics and IT Support, with no degree or experience required. More than 70,000 people have earned a Google Career Certificate, and 75% of graduates report a positive career impact within six months of graduation. Our $100M Google Career Certificates Fund enables nonprofit Social Finance to upskill and place more than 20,000 underserved Americans into well-paying jobs with the goal of driving $1B in aggregate wage gains.

Helping America stay safe

With the rise of cyber attacks endangering valuable data and critical infrastructure, we’re leading the industry to create a safer internet for everyone. By making all of our products secure by default, we keep more users safe than anyone else in the world. To bolster these efforts, we’re investing $10 billion to modernize security infrastructures for domestic companies, organizations, and governments. And since robust cybersecurity depends on having the people to implement it, we’re training Americans for jobs in data privacy and security.

Gmail is open on a phone. An email is open, and the subject says "Your personal info". The content is blurred out, and a blue shield with a lock icon sits on top of it.

Every day we protect 5 billion devices from risky sites, run security scans on 125 billion installed apps, check the security of 1 billion passwords and block 15 billion spam messages and 100 million phishing attempts. And for another layer of security, we enrolled more than 150 million Google users in 2-step verification in 2021.

$10 billion

to strengthen cybersecurity

Over the next five years, we’re investing an additional $10 billion to strengthen cybersecurity, secure the software supply chain, and enhance open-source security. As part of this investment, we recently formed the Google Cybersecurity Action Team, bringing together the world's premier security experts to advise organizations on deploying effective cyber defense solutions. We’re also pledging, through the Google Career Certificate program, to train 100,000 Americans in fields like IT Support and Data Analytics, learning skills in privacy and security.

$100 million

to support open-source security

We’ve led the way on developing open-source technologies that help make the whole internet safer. We pledged $100 million to support third-party foundations, like Open Source Security Foundation, that manage open source security priorities and help fix vulnerabilities.

Partnering with the federal government

Google supports the Biden Administration's Cybersecurity Executive Order. One of our security experts is among the President's Council of Advisors for Science and Technology, and Google is actively engaging in the Department of Homeland Security's Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative.

Scaling proven security solutions

Over a decade ago, Google pioneered an approach now known as “Zero Trust”. Zero Trust capabilities mean that there are fewer attack vectors, fewer opportunities to lose data, and more control over the systems users depend on. We support the White House’s efforts to deploy a Zero Trust model across the federal government.

Helping Americans live more sustainably

Sustainability has been a core value at Google since the company was founded over twenty years ago, and remains one to this day. We believe technology has a crucial role to play in enabling a more sustainable future for America and beyond.

Through our company commitments, partnerships with local cities and governments, and by helping people make more sustainable choices like displaying eco-friendly routing in Google Maps, we’re working to accelerate sustainability solutions.

A  screenshot from Google Maps with an eco-friendly route highlighted in green selected.

Eco-friendly routing in Google Maps

Through our company commitments, partnerships with local cities and governments, and by helping people make more sustainable choices like displaying eco-friendly routing in Google Maps, we’re working to accelerate sustainability solutions.

Transitioning to carbon-free energy by 2030

In 2007, we became the first major company to become carbon neutral in our operations, and in 2017, the first company of our size to match 100% of our electricity use with renewable energy—and we’ve repeated it every year since. In 2020, we committed to operating on 24/7 carbon-free energy by 2030. This means every question asked on Google Search, every email sent through Gmail, and every YouTube video watched will be supplied by clean energy, every hour of every day.

Helping 1 billion people make more sustainable choices by 2022

Through our core products like Search, Maps, and more, we are committed to helping a billion people make more sustainable choices. We’ve expanded bike and scooter sharing information in Google Maps, highlighted lower emission flight options directly in the Google Flights search results, made it easier to identify energy-efficient home appliances in Google Search, and more.

Taking the equivalent of 200,000 cars off the road

Google Maps is helping drivers find eco-friendly routes by displaying fuel-efficient routes when the estimated time of arrival is similar. We estimate this will have the same impact next year as taking over 200,000 cars off the road.

Helping 500+ cities reduce carbon emissions

70% of global emissions come from urban areas, but many communities don’t have the data or technology to make meaningful progress on climate commitments. We’ve pledged to help over 500 cities reduce 1 gigaton of carbon emissions annually by 2030 through access to Environmental Insights Explorer and more. Cities like Houston and Lancaster are using EIE solar data to improve access to energy sources, reduce costs for residents, and create jobs.

These are just a few of Google’s investments in America and beyond. From helping everyone in the world learn anything in the world to helping people access trusted information and resources in critical moments, Google will always continue searching for ways to help people, businesses, and communities respond to a transforming world.