How one DJ is amplifying the songs and stories of Asian Americans
With help from Google Search
After years in the music industry, Filipino American DJ Richie TRAKTIVIST noticed that Asian Americans artists were often overlooked. So he set out on a mission to change it.
That’s why he started TRAKTIVIST, a website where he features musicians from the community, leading to more visibility in the industry and the world at large.
Clockwise from top left: Ann One, Travis Atreo, Dolly Ave, Dj Zo, Emmalyn, Lyrics Born
To make it happen, Richie and his team spent months digging through Google Search to discover over 1,500 artists across numerous decades and genres.
Clockwise from top left: Mark Redito, MIKNNA, Melissa Polinar, G Yamazawa, Run River North, Ruby Ibarra
"Asian Americans have been, and continue to create amazing music, which is essentially the sharing of our stories through art."
Not only an effort to share good tunes from the thousands of artists he's already featured...
...the site aims to provide a voice for many more Asian American musicians to come.
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