How BBQ pitmasters provided 8M comforting meals to disaster victims
With help from Google
After a tornado hit their hometown, a group of fellow BBQ pitmasters realized they could use their craft to help those in need.
They went on to form Operation BBQ Relief with the goal of providing comfort and hot meals to other communities struggling with the aftermath of natural disasters.
David Marks and the OBR team of volunteers have since responded to disasters all over the country, already providing 8 million barbeque meals to hard hit communities.
“To give them hope; to give them compassion; to give them that connection so they're not alone; there’s nothing better in this world I can do.”
- David Marks
Given the rapidly changing conditions in moments of crisis, Operation BBQ Relief relies on Google Sheets to maintain timely deployment updates across their team of staff and volunteers.
Many of those volunteers are people who’ve received warm meals from Operation BBQ Relief hoping to return the comfort they received in their time of need.
To the entire team at Operation BBQ Relief, thank you for responding to crisis with comfort.
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