How the City of Los Angeles is using AI to plant trees and focusing on tree sustainability
with help from Google
As rising temperatures deteriorate air quality, infrastructure, and public health, many local communities are being put at risk.
Ruth Alcantara leads Tree Canopy Lab on Google's Environmental Insights Explorer (EIE), which combines AI and aerial imagery to detect tree canopy coverage and plan city projects.
“We have tremendous opportunity with technology and AI to observe and understand changes in nature.”
Ruth Alcantara, Program Manager, Google Research
The Tree Canopy Lab's mapping technology can provide insights to cities and community leaders about where to invest resources for planting and maintaining trees.
Los Angeles being only the beginning, Ruth and Google's EIE team will continue to bring innovative tools like Tree Canopy to other cities in the fight against climate change.
Working with Los Angeles at the forefront of urban forestry, we’re committed to helping more cities advance tree sustainability to restore our planet.
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