How a grief counselor brings connection to a community dealing with trauma
With help from Google
Growing up in her family’s funeral home in Baltimore, Annette March-Grier saw firsthand how unresolved grief affected her community.
In 2007, she started Roberta's House to provide a space of trust and togetherness, and help those experiencing grief see they are not alone.
“We start every day with our motto, “I care for you, you care for me, and we care for each other.”
- Annette March-Grier
After her community was hit hard by the pandemic, Annette realized grief support services were more needed than ever.
Without being able to meet in person, Annette formed new online groups using Google Meet to connect those whose loved ones have been impacted by the virus.
To Annette & Roberta’s House, thank you for responding to crisis with an open heart.
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