How conservation organizations are using AI to save critical animal populations
with help from Google
Wildlife Insights is a collaboration between Conservation International, six conservation organizations, and Google to identify wildlife using AI and motion-triggered cameras.
Tanya Birch leads Google Earth Outreach's Nature Conservation partnerships, like Wildlife Insights, helping biologists gain information to capture large-scale biodiversity trends.
“With 1 million species facing extinction, it's an all-hands-on-deck problem.”
Tanya Birch, Program Manager, Google
On the Wildlife Insights web app, anyone can browse through the largest publicly-accessible collection of wildlife photos in the world.
To help wildlife affected by bushfires, a $1M grant supported Wildlife Insights and World Wildlife Fund for Nature Australia to deploy 600+ motion-triggered cameras.
Inspired by our conservation partners, we're committed to supporting tools like Wildlife Insights and AI technology to help protect wildlife.
Intro Image by Will Burrard-Lucas/WWF-US, Image 2 by Organization for Tropical Studies and TEAM Network, Image 6 by Shutterstock / Yatra / WWF
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